Welcome to South African Civil Aviation Declaration of Interest Portal

Section 98 subsection (1) of the CA Act determines that any person appointed to perform any function in terms of the CAA or the regulations must upon such appointment and thereafter, in writing, annually or as and when such conflict may occur, disclose to the Director details of all employment. positions, offices, allegiances, interests or any activities, which may compromise his or her independence in carrying out his or her duties and functions in terms of this Act.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) regarding the submission of the Declaration of Interest

  • Is it compulsory for me to declare my interest to the organisation?
    • In line with Section 98 of the Civil Aviation Act, 2009 (Act No. 13 of 2009), and in conjunction with the Conflict-of-Interest Policy, all employees are required to disclose all Conflict of Interest in the prescribed manner, annually and as and when the need arises, or when requested to do so.
  • Is my personal information protected in the system? Do the owners of the system have access to the information that I have populated on the system?
    • Nobody outside the SACAA has access to the information, and your information is protected.
  • Should I declare my personal property?
    • Employees must declare everything that can potentially create real or perceived conflict with their role and responsibilities at the SACAA. The Conflict-of-Interest Policy, gives clear guidelines are examples as to what interests should be declared.
  • Is this system available remotely?
    • Yes, the system is available remotely.
  • Will I receive feedback on whether my declaration has been approved or not?
    • All employees will receive feedback on the outcome of your submission.

The closing date for submission is 31 August 2023.